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Clinical Services

IWHC Toronto Services

We offer FREE sexual health clinical services, information and outreach to all genders for a wide range of sexual health issues with a multilingual, all-female staff; our services are provided in a non-judgmental, culturally-sensitive environment.

Clinical Services:

  • STI, UTI and vaginal infection counselling, testing and treatment
  • HIV counselling and testing (no rapid or anonymous testing; nominal testing only)
  • Hepatitis B counselling, testing and vaccines
  • HPV counselling, testing and wart treatment; HPV prescription and injection (must be purchased from pharmacy)
  • Pap tests (those with normal paps are screened every 3 years only as per Canadian medical guidelines)
  • Birth Control prescriptions and low-cost sales
  • IUD Services: Pre-IUD counselling and testing; IUD insertion, follow-up and removal
  • Same-day IUD insertions (see below)
  • Urinary and Vaginal infection counselling, testing and treatment

Additional Services:

  • Birth Control counselling and information
  • Birth Control Sales (You must have a current prescription from our clinic to buy contraception here; we do not fill prescriptions from outside physicians.)
  • Free Condoms; Free Urine Pregnancy Tests
  • Pregnancy Counselling & Referral
  • Abortion Counselling & Referral only (we are not an abortion provider).
  • STI counselling
  • Emergency Contraception (Plan B) counselling and sales

Same-day IUD Insertion Policy:

  • Same Day IUD Insertions spots are limited per clinic based on Wait List
  • Instructions to get a same day IUD/IUS insertion:
    • For IUS (Hormonal Device): No sex without condoms for 2 weeks prior to your visit
    • IUS products may be purchased at our clinic
    • For IUD (Copper Device): No sex without condoms for 2 weeks prior to your visit OR you may come within 5 days of sex without condoms to get a post coital IUD insertion.
    • IUD products may be purchased at our clinic
  • Insertion is not guaranteed if any concerns arise during physician assessment
  • A urine pregnancy test must be done prior to any IUS/IUD insertion
  • Cash only

Language Support

IWHC Toronto serves clients of all genders Р from all communities, backgrounds and orientations. We provide translation as needed, in the following languages:

  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
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